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Road Scholar’s Caregiver Grants                  

Travel opportunity scholarships for caregivers

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AandJCrochet - Crochet items for dementia.   Click here

Family Caregivers' Resources

ARCH National Respite Network

AARP Caregiving Resource Network

Caregiver Resources AARP

Adaptive Clothing: Angels Wear

Home Phone Services For Hearing Loss

Professional Caregivers

Professional Resources

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 Caregiver Videos 

POEM- Thank You to a Caregiver

One day I woke up and forgot my name.
I couldn’t remember who I was and if I was ever happy.I even forgot if I had a husband or wife and any children.I sometimes spend my days just staring into space or walking in circles trying to see or get to someplace that I can’t even remember,And then you came along, like a beacon of light, and awakened me. You helped me find my smile again.It is your gentle touch and your kind words that help me along through my journey.I’m sorry I don’t remember your name But please know I appreciate all you do.

                   Sincerely,Any Individual with Dementia  JMD


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