How Aging Creative started

  Jill Modell-Dion, Creator

As an aging enthusiast, I bring a unique perspective to my work as a writer, researcher, and detective for words and phrases.

As the creator, I bring over forty years of dedicated work in geriatrics, memory care, and caregiver support. I have added fiction writer to my work. Like I say, "Creativity is forever."

My experience spans various healthcare environments, from skilled care as a certified ADC therapeutic recreation director, to assisted living Florida State Core trained ED, to owner of a private case management service. I have also served as a director in several adult day care centers, supervising and training over 200 employees and volunteers, and providing counsel and support to hundreds of family caregivers.

I am thrilled to unveil my vision for Aging Creative, a vision that is rooted in my deep understanding of aging and my unwavering commitment to improving the lives of caregivers.

The idea behind Aging Creative is simple, as we age, we should continue to evolve in all areas.

While we still enjoy doing the things we love, we should continue with new interests and challenges. However, the fun should continue for those facing difficulty performing routine tasks. No one should stop enjoying life, even when encountering physical and/or cognitive challenges.

We can still enjoy the things we always loved by approaching them differently and “at our own pace.”

As my company grows, I look forward to communicating and meeting with our Aging Creative community members. Sharing our words and experiences will inspire each other for the ride ahead. - JMD

For more information please contact me at 239-895-2050,  contact@agingcreative , or fill out information.