Professional Caregivers

How AC can assist professional caregivers that are affiliated with:

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    Aging Creative provides training material and can also train and prepare staff in delivering creative programs such as:

    • Poetry Reading for dementia along with writing personal poems
    • Multi-Sensory Programs for memory recall and total engagement
    • A Comprehensive Documenting model for a person’s Life History
    • ***(Aging Creative also has adapted workbooks for family caregivers)


    Featured Creative Instructional Manuals for the professional environment:
    • Poetry-  Loving Words Again
    • Multi-Sensory Stimulation- A Place in Time
    • Documenting a Person’s Life-  My Cafe  

    How do these programs benefit your type of company and practice?

    To all Home Health Care and Home Companion Care Companies consider when a caregiver is sent out to a client’s home, the time they have outside of the direct care services they provide can be utilized now delivering therapeutic activity programming. This gives your agency a competitive edge and more importantly satisfying the family caregiver at home who has complained, time after time, their home care services are adequate but their loved one is not getting enough stimulation they need.

    To all Executive Directors for Skilled Care Facilities, Assisted Livings, Adult Day Care Centers, and Recreational Therapists and ADCs consider while you are already providing activity programming throughout your facilities the unique programs AC offers can be a beneficial addition to your overall programming. The AC model satisfies the disciplinary care plan goals required. The model even includes a section measuring effectiveness.

    To all Geriatric Psychiatrists Physicians, Neurologists and Physician Assistants,  please consider when a caregiver brings a patient in for a visit the topic of discussion may not include certain issues facing the caregiver. Caregivers do not always bring up their frustration with the boredom and lack of stimulation for the patient at home at the doctor’s office. They may have limited resources for adult day care and in-home services and no real experience in how to engage their loved one at home which can also add stress to their everyday lives.

    AC has created affordable workbooks that the caregiver can use at home. 

    And to all Social Workers, Case Managers, Speech and Occupational Therapists, and Independent Private Caregiversplease consider when working with patient’s caregiver you can introduce them to Aging Creatives programs, at home.  

    Training Options for professional caregiversWorkshops *Available On-Site

    Training on Creative Instructional Manuals  *  Available On-Site 
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