Tales Out Of The Mills- A Cape Cod Thing

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Whenever I’m asked, “Where do you live on Cape Cod?” there is usually a pause following my answer.  

Being unknown is what makes Marstons Mills the perfect place to live.   

In these four stories, where fiction and fact come together, characters find tranquility despite the drama and secrets they experience in the Village of the Mills. 

Finding Love On Long Pond-Sampson and Lulu, a pair of unlovable Dalmatians, embark on a journey that takes them away from their beloved Long Pond. How do they make it home?

Winter Fish, The Story Of Dashiell Strange-Martin D Strange is dressed in overalls and lives along the flats and low hills of the Mills. On the surface, he lives a humdrum life, yet there is so much more to this veteran and Mayflower descendant. Especially when Martin unexpectedly discovers something at a rummage sale that shakes his world.

Give Me Coffee, Music, And The Pursuit Of Happiness At Liberty Hall-Liberty Hall is a Mills historic community building that once hosted a generation of beloved musical artists. A return to the 1990s brings broken strings, concert memories, and an unforgettable fan together for The Benefit Coffee House.

In The Company Of Listeners-Windsor Crest, central to the lives of generations in the Mills, becomes the center of a community drama. An employee accused and tried for a crime hopes for justice one year after the arrest. Everyone awaits the verdict, including a few employees assembled in the nursing home conference room. Will they finally confront the circumstances of the crime? After a year of silence, some may have something to say.