Aging Creative launches its new company.

July 15th, 2018

Welcome to the launching of our new company, Aging Creative.

The idea behind Aging Creative is simple, as we age we should continue to evolve in all areas. While we still enjoy doing the things we love we should also take on new interests and challenges. However, for those that find it difficult in performing what was once routine, the fun may stop.

We don’t believe anyone whether they are just aging or suffering from memory loss should stop enjoying life when met with physical and or cognitive challenges.

We believe each of us can still enjoy the things we always loved by approaching things differently, while “at our own pace.”

Aging Creative's official launch of its website,  July 15 of 2018.

--is Living Life at your own pace


Come join us and walk the road creatively as we all continue to evolve. Visit us @ (July 2018) You can contact us at 


  • Poetry reading & writing program for creating memories and promoting self-expression
  • Multi-sensory program for creating memories and encouraging social interaction
  • Documenting life histories for creating memories and promoting family legacies

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