BLOG-Senior Champions of Yesteryears, "A Big Shot Of Tennis"

veteran tennis players With the world being what it is today, maybe a big shot of tennis is just what we need. Think about it.

Tennis has always exemplified a certain amount of civility in comparison to many other sports. Can you just imagine having every news channel of today, covering all the senior champions of yesteryears:

Billy Jean King, Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi, Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova and more.

Hardly ever a fight, while the crowd keeps their opinion, for the opposing player, respectfully silent during the match. There is no critiquing of a player’s politics as the victor humbly accepts their win and their opponent graciously accepts defeat.

When it comes to the game of tennis you’ll discover it’s a perfect blueprint for teaching our children about skill, competition, dedication, and the art of winning and losing.   

Just think, if we could watch footage of these senior players all day and night, we could become a kinder nation of people.

Consider this, tennis is the language of life. What other sport speaks to us with words like advantage, love, fault, and service.

I’ll take a big shot of this!!

 Thomas Kearns is a contributing writer to this piece.

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  • John Kern on

    Well said! Great message!

  • Scoot Dimon on

    I love the message in this article. Thank you, Thomas!

  • Roberta Racioppi on


    This is amazing insight! There is another term which is ace. Tell your mom that you are definitely her ACE!


  • Faye on

    Very nice article maybe we should give it to the politicians

  • Moppy on

    YES, YES, and YES! Great article, T!

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