SAMPLE PAGE OF POETRY WORKBOOK CONTENT (View a few samples of training content)

The Loving Words Again Workbook, a poetry reading and writing workbook is a condensed version of the Loving Words Again, the training manual designed for professionals.

This workbook is designed for family & professional caregivers, and anyone who wants to enjoy the activity of experiencing poetry.  It is also specific for persons with dementia. It’s all about having fun.

      The workbook covers:

  • basic concepts and benefits about poetry for individuals (including those with dementia)
  • how-to-steps on communicating with the person with dementia and share poetry interactively
  • how-to-steps on writing a poem with the individual with dementia
  • sample conversations between caregiver and individual throughout the activity

Some Contents

  • The beauty of reading and writing poems with a loved one with dementia?
  • Anyone can do it! What it takes to do it.
  • What does it take to facilitate a poetry activity?
  • The 4 Rs: the order of the process.
  •  Subject topics for personal poem themes.
  • Let’s get started to write a poem.
  • Sample Templates forms for writing a poem.
  • Blank Templates