How does a business sponsorship work?

business sponsorship for seniors

What is an Aging Creative (AC) Business Sponsorship?

Any business that sponsors a creative program workshop, for a local non-profit organization or agency that supports seniors in your community. The idea that teaching these programs to individuals so they can also train others, in their organization helps the continuation of enriching the lives of those with dementia.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. 

What type of agencies or organizations would benefit from your sponsorship?

The following are some examples of organizations or agencies that serve seniors.

  • Local Alzheimer's support groups
  • Local veteran groups
  • Service providers associated with your Area on Aging 
  • Senior Centers
  •  Agencies that provide social services, nutrition, and social activities for seniors 
  • All non-profits that provide services and resources to seniors

What would the workshops provide include?

  • 2-3 hours of instructional guidance for staff, volunteers and family caregivers for learning how to facilitate a one-on-one or group activity to seniors, suffering from dementia. 
  • Refreshments for all participants
  • Handout material 
  • And an opportunity for all workshop participants to network with one another.  

How much does it cost?

AC charges private for-profit companies such as home health, assisting living & skilled care facilities, adult day care, and other private service providers for training their employees. Unlike non-for -profit organization, they have budgets to pay for this type of program training that helps to enrich the lives of their clients or residents with dementia.
 A Business Sponsorship costs a fraction of the private cost.

What area does the Business Sponsorship program cover?

AC operates out of SW Florida and for now, is offering our business sponsorship program only in both SW and SE Florida. Our goal is to expand to all over the country. Please do not let distance keep you from inquiring. We love to travel!

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor and want more information contact us.