A Feather of a Tale

If you're looking for the opportunity to write a memoir, Aging Creative’s program, A Feather of a Tale offers a learning environment that will enhance your experience, creatively, and socially.

Questions And Answers

 What’s a memoir? -----Recalling events or memories, in your past, that stand out, that have had a certain significance.

What’s the difference between documenting a life history (such as My Café) and writing a memoir (A Feather of a Tale)? -----Life histories chronicle life’s events while recording all phases of a person’s life. One of its purposes is for handing down to future generations. A memoir focuses on writing about specific events that focus on the writer’s emotions and feelings.

What's the significance of the title word Feather? -----The word feather and its symbolism are associated with the words: trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom. Since the program exercises ask the writer to recall impactful events to write about, these words often represent strong emotions the writer may have experienced in their stories.

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