The Ten Commandments of Compassion

For Caregivers and People with Dementia 


caregivers compassion tips
  1. Always greet your loved one in a positive way while first impressions can set the mood for the whole day.
  2. Always stick to a daily routine
  3. Never respond in an angry manner even when your loved one upsets you
  4. Never argue during when you disagree but settle and then try to redirect the conversation
  5. Always reassure when your loved one finds difficulty in performing a task
  6. Always encourage independence first but prepare for assistance when a task becomes too difficult
  7. Always deal with repetitive behavior with patience
  8. Do not ask probing questions. Ask and allow for yes and no answers
  9. Never assume your loved one has safety awareness as their dementia progresses
  10. Always incorporate some form of M,M,N,R in your loved one’s daily routine (Music, Movement, Nature, and Reminisce)
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