MY CAFÉ- A Program Model Documenting One's Life History. Also MY CAFÉ for Kids

Aging Creative offers both professional and family caregivers with practical training material intended to assist staff and families in developing their creative skills and bring richness to their participants.

My Café, “I Know This", the manual is one of AC’s practical training programs designed for all professional caregivers. An inspiring Documenting Life History program encouraging participants, with cognitive challenges, to participate in their own story for creating memories and promoting family legacies.

My Café “I Know This.”, is a program model designed to assist a participant, with dementia, in documenting their life, with the aid of a facilitator.

My Café, the workbook, is an adapted version, of the manual, and is designed for families and enrichment professionals facilitating small social groups.

**A Place in Time was initially created for individuals, with dementia, the workbook is suitable for all ages and cognitive levels.