In-Home Family Caregivers

To all family caregivers and family members, consider the time you spend with a loved one at home that suffers from dementia. AC offers condensed versions of its creative program models to help teach and guide you when using these creative  activities. It’s all about having fun.

Our workbooks available now cover:

  • creating a plan, a schedule for family caregivers and in-home professional caregivers
  • basic concepts and benefits about reading & writing poetry, even for individuals with dementia
  • how-to-steps on communicating with the person with dementia 
  • how-to-steps on facilitating the activity with the individual with dementia
  • sample conversations between caregiver and individual throughout the activity

Workbooks for using multi-sensory stimuli, and documenting lifetime histories will be available soon.

AC creative programs were designed specifically for working with individuals with dementia but can be enjoyed by all family members at all cognitive levels.

AC also encourages family caregivers to follow Our Story/Blog  for interesting stories. 

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