A Place in Time A Multi-Sensory Stimulation Program


Creating memories and encouraging social interaction

Aging Creative offers both professional and family caregivers practical training material intended to assist staff and families in developing their creative skills and bring richness to their participants.

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A Place in Time is one of AC’s practical training programs designed for all professional caregivers. An inspiring multi-sensory program encouraging participants, with cognitive challenges, in socially interacting and memory recall.

A Place in Time uses a combination of different sensory stimuli that share a connection and promote a specific theme. The techniques in using a multi-sensory approach can open the door to greater responses and experiences for all participants, including those with dementia.

A Place in Time, the book, is appropriate for family caregivers in their home and also enrichment professionals facilitating interactive small groups.

**A Place in Time was initially created for individuals, with dementia, the book is suitable for all ages and cognitive levels.

“The senses are our bridge between the incomprehensible and the comprehensible.”  ~ August Macke


Ideas for creating a multi-sensory presentation