Why Should We Celebrate Anna Mary Robertson Moses? "Grandma Moses"

Grandma Moses

I have always been impressed with Anna Mary Robertson Moses, also known as, Grandma Moses. Her story is as genuine as her paintings and while I am not about to critique her artwork, I am prepared to offer four reasons why I love her.

First, she was totally self-taught. She was also resourceful, and she could interpret details of her ordinary life making her a great storyteller, and lastly, she refused to let any physical challenges and age stop her from doing what she loved. She didn't even start painting until she was 78.

I sometimes think when I was creating Aging Creative  I was subconsciously channeling her for inspiration.  

All you have to do is look at her paintings and you can experience the simplicity of the people, the seasons,  events, and scenery. You can feel her connection to the rural towns she painted.

One of my favorite paintings of hers is The Quilting Bee

Grandma Moses painting

I can’t write about her without mentioning another great artist with her own story, Clementine Hunter who lived on Melrose Plantation, south of Natchitoches, La. I visited Melrose Plantation and discovered her beautiful paintings and just like Anna Mary Robertson Moses her artwork and life around her were depicted in her life’s work.

Clementine Hunter   Clementine Hunter painting

I wonder if either artist was even aware of the other one’s works.

So, let’s remember on this day July 7th, NATIONAL GRANDMA MOSES DAY, to honor Anna Mary and allow her work and story to inspire each of us to be anything we want, at any age. --JMD

See the links below for more information.

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Grandma Moses Artwork

Clementine Hunter

Clementine Hunter Artwork

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