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There is that time in a young girl’s life when she makes the deliberate choice to wear the things that express who she is. Some start with tiaras, frilly dresses, and ruby red slippers, and for others, a pair of cowgirl boots to accent their everyday look.

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Whatever the choice, each of us has something to say, our style, through what we wear!! 

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While I don't claim to be a fashion icon, like Iris Apfel, I know what I like. 

One of the best movie lines I ever heard in the movie Steel Magnolias is when Clairee Belcher says, The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

Out of all the choices I make every day in selecting the right scarf, pin, earrings, purse, and so on, all to showcase self-expression, there is the one accessory I hold in the highest esteem, and it is the pearl necklace. There is something so special about how it looks, whether it lies softly around the neckline or dangles sporting a Gatsby-like knot. No matter how it’s worn, its appearance is timeless, and like magic, it can bring out the inner Audrey Hepburn, in each of us. 

Now there is always that risk to over, embellish.

For instance, consider one of our greatest icons, Janis Joplin, whose music and personal sense of style inspired us to stand up and take notice. Was there anyone as authentic and passionate as she was and who loved frills, as much as her? And although rough around the edges, Janis could make a string of pearls look sensational!

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As we develop our style, like the girl who first saw herself as a princess, and whose tiara gave voice to who she was, we realize, like everything else, our self-image more than likely, will evolve throughout our lifetime.

As we take off, our tiaras and put them away---- remember that our inner soul, doesn’t change. Even now opting to wear a fedora hat, dropping our hemlines, and starting to wear clothes more suited for a mature figure, we should not forget who we are.

Whether you're four years old or ninety-four, continue to be you. Fashion norms should never dictate, who we are, but instead, at best guide us. So, if you wish to get out your tiara and put it back on, then go for it. "Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

So, to all the young and older ladies and men who are continually discovering their sense of style, remember that elegance, grace, strength, and uniqueness come to each of us and flows throughout our years, whoever we are.

Champion Cowgirl

As for me, I will continue to wear my pearls since pearls are always this girl’s best friend.-JMD

By Jill Modell-Dion, Creator of Aging Creative

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