Joe Spalletta, A True Renaissance Man Finding Your Voice Again- Revisited

creator Aging Creative  Joe Spalletta prefers to remain quiet in the back of our adult day center's living room. Each day he removes his colored pencils from his bag along with his ruler and draws from photographs and puzzle boxes, the images that seem to catch his eye. It is not that he’s just a good artist but that he has only been drawing like this since his life-changing event.

Joe is a man of many talents, past and present. Drawing has become his passion now, and while communicating is challenging, he now lets his art speak for himself. If he sees something that he likes and wants to make it more interesting, he just draws it.

While his words sometimes get lost in conversation, he has found his voice, in his artwork. 

Back in April, I posted on my blog,  A welcome return to the red " Skinny House" A childhood memory and later, asked Joe if he would consider drawing my picture from a photograph and, without hesitating, he agreed. His talent and imagination transformed my special memory to a more tranquil place, on the water.

Skinny House         art for dementia

The idea behind Aging Creative is simple. As we age, we should continue to evolve in all areas. I believe each of us can still enjoy the things we always loved by approaching things differently and “at our own pace.”

I wish to thank you, Joe, a true renaissance man for your art, your friendship, and your inspiration while reminding us that creativity is alive in us at any age and in any stage of our lives.

 --Joe And myself at the center in 2018.

Joe has kindly granted me permission to share some of his works so please feel free to leave a comment for Joe!!!!!

art for dementia    art for dementia

art for dementia   art for dementia

art for dementia   art for dementia

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  • Amanda Serravite on

    Uncle joe
    Your work is breath taking. You have always been so talented with your art work and these are truly beautiful. We all are so very very proud of you and can’t wait for more art work. Every day I’m honored proud and blessed to be your god daughter your tiny dancer!!!!


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