On-Site Training and Workshops for all Featured Creative Programs for all types of caregivers

Aging Creative (AC) offers options for on-site training based on your company or agency's needs and training allowance budgets. Visit our training page.

Let's break down these options. 

  • Workshop- Designed to present directly to staff, volunteers, or family caregivers that will be facilitating the programs. The attendees will be expected to participate in exercises so they can learn the necessary techniques to ensure a productive outcome. The workshop is a condensed version of the professional training and is intended to appeal to smaller companies, senior centers, independent senior communities, and can also benefit a sole proprietor who operates their own caregiver services, and non-profit organizations. The recommended time frame is minimum 3-4 hours (including time for breaks and lunch).
  • On-site-training- Designed to provide a train-the-trainer-strategy for a variety of professional healthcare settings such as assisted living homes, skilled care facilities, adult day care centers, rehabilitation facilities, and in-home health care and companion providers. The attendees will be expected to sit through this comprehensive training and participate in exercises so they can learn the necessary techniques to ensure a successful outcome. The recommended time frame is minimum 1 full day 6-7 hours (to include breaks and lunch) or 2 half days 4 hours each day (including time for breaks and lunch)
  • Presentation- Designed as a non-workshop or non-training presentation. This option is suitable for conferences and seminars.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss other options that better suit your needs please email us at training@agingcreative.com. Please put request in the subject line, or click here.

We look forward to hearing from you.