MY CAFÉ, "I Know This", A Life History Documenting Manual- printed version
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MY CAFÉ, "I Know This", A Life History Documenting Manual- printed version

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This training manual, MY CAFÉ,”I Know This”, is a comprehensive training guide for professional caregivers to assist a participant, with dementia, in documenting their life, with the aid of a facilitator.

The manual’s purpose is to provide a train-the-trainer-strategy for a variety of professional healthcare settings such as assisted living homes, skilled care facilities, adult day care centers, rehabilitation facilities, and in-home health care and companion providers. It can also benefit a sole proprietor who operates their own caregiver services.

The manual is broken down into two sections.

  • Section one introduces the important points for documenting a life history and why it's important for individuals, with dementia. It covers who is a good participant and the roles for both the facilitator and participant. It also covers the process and the forms necessary for information gathering. 
  • Section two covers preparation, setup, and post-program monitoring and the approach for one-on-one interviewing by the facilitator. There is also a topic for marketing.

SAMPLE PAGE OF MANUAL CONTENT (View a few samples of training content)                        

DESCRIPTION- 3 Ring Binder designed for convenience when adding and removing pages and forms. Sections divided by color sheets. Manual approximately 51 pages (does not include trainer/trainee guide)

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