Loving Words Again Complete Training Package- digital version
Loving Words Again Complete Training Package- digital version
Loving Words Again Complete Training Package- digital version
Loving Words Again Complete Training Package- digital version
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Loving Words Again Complete Training Package- digital version

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The Complete Training Package is intended for professional organizations that own and/or operate 10 facilities or less. 

Loving Words Again, Poetry Manual  $175.00 / now $132 

Loving Words Again, Trainer Guide   $  25.00 /   now  $19  

 Loving Words Again, Trainee Guide   $ 25.00 /   now  $19

Ordering the  Loving Words Again Complete Training Package in print you get all three training publications for a 5% discount totaling @  $214.00

(you are saving an additional 25% ordering an ebook- digital version)

Digital Version Price- $160.00

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This training manual, Loving Words Again is a comprehensive training guide for professional caregivers who wish to use poetry for individuals with dementia.

The manual’s purpose is to provide a train-the-trainer-strategy for a variety of professional healthcare settings such as assisted living homes, skilled care facilities, adult day care centers, rehabilitation facilities, and in-home health care and companion providers. It can also benefit a sole proprietor who operates their own caregiver services.

The manual is broken down into three sections.

Section one- introduces using poetry as a useful tool for individuals with dementia. It focuses on the selection of poems and the approach to reading poetry to individuals and groups. It provides examples of poems, tips on selecting, organizing and presenting the poems.

Section two- covers the approach to getting the individuals or group participants in writing a poem. It also includes how to market a poetry program and offers a variety of suggested poems to use.

Section three- separate guides for the trainer and the trainee covering goals, objectives, and approaches:(optional purchased separately)

  • trainer guide/ helps trainer to understand and teach the skills required for developing a successful poetry program
  • trainee guide / helps the trainee to understand the techniques required for facilitating a successful poetry program.

SAMPLE PAGE OF MANUAL CONTENT (View a few samples of training content)

 DESCRIPTION- 3 Ring Binder designed for convenience when adding and removing pages and forms. Sections divided by color sheets. Manual approximately 143 pages (includes trainer/trainee guide)

***Please contact us for more information about companies that own and operate more than the minimum 10 sites.

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