Almost A Perfect Day Caregiver's Workbook- printed version
Almost A Perfect Day Caregiver's Workbook- printed version
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Almost A Perfect Day Caregiver's Workbook- printed version

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 This workbook was designed specifically for caregivers in planning out their daily and weekly routines. It is a guide to help:

  • create a routine
  • manage a therapeutic approach to daily care and activities 
  • promoting an enriching and consistent lifestyle. Simple planning and monitoring are achievable.

 The idea behind “ALMOST A PERFECT DAY”  is when caring for a loved one with dementia at home, you most likely are not going to experience perfection every day. However, striving for close to excellence is realistic. 

When you create a schedule, consider creating a theme based upon the individual’s personal interests and history. Using a theme-based schedule makes the day more interesting, creative, and reminiscent. This option can benefit the individual significantly because having a prior connection with theme subject matter can make memory recall more possible. Dementia patients feel more secure when they are within a positive and familiar environment setting, and this can lead to more interaction and self-expression. Communication is better.

• morning care • breakfast *** • a.m. downtime • a.m. activity • lunch *** • p.m. downtime • p.m. activity • p.m. downtime • dinner *** • evening activity • evening care • evening downtime • sleep-time • ** sleep disturbance

 Workbook approximately 23 pages large font 

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